Amber vs. iCloud: How to Better Store Your Data

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Apple’s iCloud is a dominant player in cloud-based storage services. However, industry domination often leads to complacency—and this is where new faces need to come in, with improvements and elegant solutions to common problems.

The following list outlines issues that actual iCloud photo users have experienced, along with how Amber does it better.

1. Where Does Your Data Live?

There’s a lot of mystery about where your data goes after your iCloud login. Not only does Apple “[rely] on Google’s public cloud for data storage for its iCloud services,” their Security Guide does not indicate when they started or how exactly it is used.

Amber is your own secure, private hybrid cloud, hosted on our servers and not on a publicly available commercial platform. All data moving across devices is encrypted.

2. Non-Apple Devices Need Not Apply

Backing up your device using iCloud depends on which apps are compatible with Apple; it does not guarantee transfer of all data.

With Amber’s fast WiFi and internal router, you can sync and backup all of your digital data from anywhere, across any device, regardless of operating system—MacOS, Windows, iOS, or Android. Data is easily transferred from one device to another for dual backup options.

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3. Speed and Reliability

How familiar is this message? “There was an error downloading this photo from your iCloud.” It’s no secret that iCloud’s syncing times are notoriously long, and users have had to share their own “do it yourself” tips on how to speed it up. Apple Support has published guides on backup troubleshooting when things go wrong, which are usually due to WiFi disconnections and limited storage. In addition to the daily download struggle, last week iCloud mysteriously shut down for extended hours. The world of iCloud users was left in a frenzy as users stared at the multiple system status failures, and the inability to share presentations for work or school.

Downloading and syncing is painless with Amber with a built-in AC2600 router that maximizes WiFi speeds.

4. Sharing Difficulties

Users have reported sluggish access to files stored on iCloud and an inability to easily share files and folders with other people via links. In addition, the app “treats images as isolated files” so users cannot cycle through a folder of images. Sharing iCloud storage with friends and loved ones is not a consistently reliable or fun experience.

Using the Amber LiFE app makes sharing and receiving files easy—with streaming options as well. It even supports multiple user accounts so you can store data in private or shared folders.

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5. Amount of Space

Apple users often wonder how to get more iCloud storage without paying or how to make more room for iCloud storage. You should be focused on making new memories, not which ones to delete.

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Amber users do not have this problem. You can purchase Amber knowing you will not be charged until your unit ships, and of course with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. There are multiple plans to choose from that fit you best. Click the BUY NOW button on our home page and place your order today!

Amber users get to avoid this issue. With upgradeable drives (and soon-to-come Cloud Storage) you will never run out of storage again. Don’t be limited to the storage limits of your mobile device and replay life - wherever it takes you.

Learn how Amber is the quicker, easier and safer solution to store all your digital memories.

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