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Amber devices and apps by LatticeWork give you and your household the convenience of the cloud, while protecting your privacy and saving you money. Learn more about:

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VAISense by LatticeWork helps businesses leverage the power of AI at the edge. Our hardware, software, cloud infrastructure, and supporting services ensure businesses large and small have the capabilities to beat their competition. Learn more about some of the applications of our technology.

An AI-enabled industrial PC with a camera above it Freeway traffic being monitored by a camera powered by VAISense artificial intelligence.

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Enjoy Your Own Private Cloud

Amber provides the hardware and accompanying software necessary for individuals, families, and small businesses to keep their data safe and access it from anywhere. Our award-winning solutions are setting a new standard for convenience and simplicity.

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Freeway traffic being monitored by AI

Edge AI Made Easy with VAISense

VAISense provides the hardware, software, cloud infrastructure, and accompanying support for businesses to deploy AI where it is gathered. By processing data at the "edge" with AI businesses can better protect consumer privacy while also getting faster more reliable results.

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A Cloud and AI Innovations Company

LatticeWork is a cloud and AI innovations company making cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone. Our consumer freedom and privacy focused brand Amber provides the convenience of cloud services but without the many compromises. Our VAISense line of products and services enable businesses to deploy AI where data is gathered, providing them powerful insights while protecting consumer privacy.

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Individuals, families, and professionals can instantly host their own personal cloud with Amber X. Gather, organize, and share your data on your own terms with complete control and privacy.

Small businesses, freelancers, and other professionals can instantly host their own cloud at the office or at home. AmberPRO is the easiest way to keep your most valuable data safe, private, and accessible.

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The compact form and low power consumption of the VAISense Phoenix make it an ideal choice for a variety of edge AI applications. Shipping in 2024.

Businesses can choose from a variety of IPC enclosures and I/O configurations to power their edge AI application with VAISense.

Access, share, and enjoy your data from a desktop computer or mobile device with ease using Amber iX alongside your Amber devices.

Your footage is only as good as your video feed. Utilize AI with VAISense to rapidly detect when a camera needs physical attention.

The complete suite of AI security tools to better protect your people and property.

Leverage AI to quickly identify individuals in the past, across cameras, and in real-time.