Introducing VAISense by LatticeWork: A New Era in Edge AI

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer across various industries, revolutionizing how businesses interpret and process complex data. The latest progression in this revolution is Edge AI— the futuristic technology that brings AI to the edge of the network, where data is collected.

LatticeWork, Inc. takes a leap ahead in this revolution, unveiling its innovative brand VAISense. VAISense equips businesses to harness the power of Edge AI effectively, providing a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, cloud infrastructure, and unparalleled support.

While VAISense is fully featured in the cloud, a distinct advantage is AI at the edge. Edge AI enables businesses to make sense of data in real-time, eliminating the need to send data to the cloud. This not only reduces latency but also enhances security and cuts down costs significantly. Previously, using AI at the edge was not only difficult to program, but difficult to deploy and manage.

VAISense: Your One-Stop Solution for Edge AI

AI Occupancy Detection in Hospital Emergency Rooms

VAISense by LatticeWork is an all-inclusive solution that helps businesses to launch their own Edge AI solutions. From providing the necessary hardware to process data at its source, to offering the software to build these applications, VAISense by LatticeWork has got it all covered.


To deploy AI close to where data is gathered, raw computational power must be paired with energy efficiency, physical compactness, flexible I/O, and durability. VAISense by LatticeWork offers both off-the-shelf and custom hardware to meet these needs, and at competitive prices.


VAISense by LatticeWork offers tools for customers to build their own AI application and for our engineers to build applications for them if needed. We offer a secure, AI-optimized operating system designed to host and run Docker applications. VAISense software enhances the development, deployment, and maintenance experience remotely and at scale.


While edge AI means processing data where it is gathered, cloud infrastructure is necessary to make deployment and maintenance feasible at scale. Fortunately, VAISense by LatticeWork has this infrastructure in place to update software and deploy new applications from anywhere with ease.


Deploying an AI solution at the edge can be intimidating to organizations newly embracing these revolutionary capabilities. That's why we provide support every step of the way. From software development to systems integration, we'll help you succeed. Don't get left behind because it seems like too much to take on. We're here to help.

The Power of Visual Sensing AI

AI Occupancy Detection for Restaurants

In the realm of artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking evolution is underway — Visual Sensing AI is redefining the way machines perceive and interpret the visual world around us. This revolutionary technology combines advanced computer vision and sensory capabilities, opening up a myriad of possibilities across various industries.

Applications of VAISense Across Industries

VAISense has a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are just a few:





Gas Stations



Public Safety

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License Plate Recognition at Gas Stations

Visual Sensing AI stands at the forefront of transformative technological advancements, unlocking new dimensions of perception for machines. As we navigate the possibilities and challenges of this groundbreaking field, the future promises a world where machines truly see, interpret, and respond to the visual nuances of our dynamic reality.

LatticeWork will be showcasing the many capabilities of VAISense at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, NV at booth 8571 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Come check out the exhibit and talk to our staff about how we can help your next AI project get moving!

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