Why Our Cloud is More Transparent

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The world of “The Cloud” can be mysterious. As Peter Wayner of InfoWorld puts it, “Sometimes a bit too much is being swept under the rug.” Consumers may not be given crucial information about the cloud platforms and devices they’re using. Not to mention it’s very easy to click a button and agree to a long contract without really understanding what’s at stake!

But with the Amber Smart Storage Platform, we’re uncovering the secrecy. We believe consumers deserve full transparency, with a commitment to privacy and security that is second to none. The following are some ways we take a different approach to the cloud so that you can enjoy the best experience possible.

Complete Control for the User

When it comes to negative events like power outages and ransomware attacks, traditional cloud companies tend to keep things hidden. “Sometimes we’ll never find out what’s going on at all,” notes Wayner.

In our view, it’s important for users to have more visibility and control over their own data. That’s why we designed Amber with built-in local and cloud storage, so you’re never without access to your digital assets – even if you momentarily lack an Internet connection. And as we continually improve our software, you’ll get free upgrades forever without being forced into a subscription model with monthly fees.

Plus, Amber uses a personal cloud built just for you. Our innovative Personal Hybrid Cloud technology means your data never leaves your control and is never shared with a third-party public cloud service. Your data is yours alone. However, you still get to enjoy the convenience of a “public cloud” infrastructure. (To learn more, see our previous post titled “What is a Personal Hybrid Cloud?”)

Cutting-Edge Technology, Explained

Some cloud services like Amazon Glacier won’t reveal the technology they’re using, Wayner points out. But at LatticeWork, we love to explain how our technology works!

For your convenience, Amber bundles a powerful combination of AI-powered software, Intel Dual-Core Gemini Lake CPU, a built-in high-speed AC2600 Wi-Fi router, and dual Hard Drive storage in a RAID 1 configuration to protect against data loss – and you also get features like file versioning, data-at-rest encryption, and secure data transfer (TLS/SSL).

Where does Artificial Intelligence come in? Amber utilizes on-device AI that employs both neural nets and machine learning to provide highly advanced data organization. For instance, state-of-the-art facial indexing can “automagically” organize your photos according to who is portrayed in them – and over time, the algorithm will learn your organizational preferences, so you don’t even have to tell it what to do!

Our engineers have worked hard to bring you the best in hardware and software tech. There’s a lot more information than we can get into here, but if you’re interested in learning more, check out our Technology page, detailed specs, and our previous post on how Amber’s AI technology works.

Security Without Compromise

The Amber platform notably provides industry-leading security for the everyday consumer. Since Amber is focused entirely on storage and doesn’t allow anyone to run their own code on its cloud servers, the possibility of security exploits is drastically reduced.

Take the infamous Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities, for instance. They involved malicious processes taking advantage of running on the same physical hardware as your photo backup service, which has happened with backup services running on large cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud – but with Amber, this risk is eliminated. Cloud-specific API exploits and bugs on large providers have also resulted in massive data breaches (remember the iCloud photo leaks from a few years ago?). However, Amber works differently.

Primary data and access control reside entirely on the Amber device itself with secondary protection provided in the Amber Personal Hybrid cloud, called LatticeNest. The device’s various security measures, like at-rest data encryption and secure data transfer, are combined with LatticeNest’s cutting-edge Data Routing Verification and User Identity Management technology to create one of the most secure cloud environments available for consumers today.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to your security, privacy, and convenience, our company is committed to providing the highest standards possible. Our innovative, all-in-one approach is pushing the industry forward, and we’re proud to be able to make this powerful technology accessible for everyone – not just the tech-savvy.

If you’re seeking a smarter and more secure way to protect, connect and share your digital life, Amber is the connected storage solution you’ve been waiting for. Explore all of its amazing features today!

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