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Our Mission

LatticeWork is a cloud and AI innovations company making cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone. Our consumer freedom and privacy focused brand Amber provides the convenience of cloud services but without the many compromises. Our VAISense line of products and services enable businesses to deploy AI where data is gathered, providing them powerful insights while protecting consumer privacy.

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Private Cloud Computing for All

Amber provides the hardware and accompanying software necessary for individuals, families, and small businesses to keep their data safe and access it from anywhere. Our award-winning solutions are setting a new standard for convenience and simplicity.

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Secure and Ethical AI at the Edge

VAISense provides the hardware, software, cloud infrastructure, and accompanying support for businesses to deploy AI where it is gathered. By processing data at the "edge" with AI businesses can better protect consumer privacy while also getting faster more reliable results.

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Pantas Sutardja

A Personal Journey

LatticeWork is the company behind Amber and VAISense. We're on a mission to change the world and at the heart of our culture is the experience of our founder.

The Start

From Singapore to California

Dr. Pantas Sutardja, the founder of LatticeWork, grew up in Singapore. The seed of his future was sown as a teenager with his increasing fascination with electronics. He eventually came to the United States to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley where he earned B.S., M.S., and PhD degrees. He worked afterwards at the IBM Almaden Research Center where he created the first CMOS read channel chip at IBM. This was just the beginning of a life innovating. He would eventual hold over 300 U.S. patents related to semiconductor and storage system technologies.


Success Innovating in Storage Technology

After IBM, Dr. Pantas Sutardja and his brother founded Marvell Technology Group Limited where he acted as Board Director and Chief Technology Officer for 19 years. Under his stewardship and technological vision, Marvell grew into a renowned storage semiconductor developer and manufacturer is valued at over $30 billion with over 7000 employees around the world.


Paying it Forward

As a believer in the virtue of technology, Dr. Sutardja directed his attention to helping the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Through personal and philanthropic efforts he was integral in the creation of a number of programs, institutions, and partnerships at UC Berkeley. Most notably he established the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology. The Center is known for creating the Berkeley Method, an internationally recognized approach to teaching technology entrepreneurship to university students, executives, and tech professionals.


A New Way to Improve Lives

Motivated by the increasing reports of data either being stolen or exploited by those trusted to protect it, and driven by his desire for technology to have a net positive impact on the world, Dr. Sutardja founded LatticeWork. The self-funded company headquartered in San Jose, California now with over 100 employees around the world, invested and built its own cloud service infrastructure to power its debut Amber product line. Described as a personal hybrid cloud, these products and the infrastructure backing them, let people truly protect their digital privacy and data.


Amber Delivers a Private Cloud to Consumers

Recognizing the need to provide consumers, professionals, and small businesses the kind of convenience of the cloud without the many sacrifices to security and freedom, the Amber product line was born. The demand for something better was significant. The eventual Indiegogo launch of Amber X, for example, surpassed its funding goal in 1 hour. LatticeWork and the Amber line of products are not simply another business for Dr. Pantas Sutardja, they are a continuation of that teenage enchantment with electronics and an embodiment of his personal mission to see that technology is accessible in its most noble and enabling form to all people.


VAISense Delivers Edge AI to Businesses

Building on the AI and edge computing expertise required to deliver the Amber product line, LatticeWork launched VAISense at CES 2024. Where Amber provides consumers freedom to host their own cloud, VAISense provides businesses the freedom to shape their AI future. AI at the edge, meaning where data is collected, enables businesses to process complex visual and sensory data in a way that provides meaningful insights while also respecting individual privacy. The possibilities are endless and the future of LatticeWork is full of opportunities for customers and partners.

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