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VAISense provides the hardware, software, cloud, and support for businesses to begin processing video and sensor data with artificial intelligence. Bring your own components, or let us help you from start to finish.

Freeway traffic being monitored by a camera powered by VAISense artificial intelligence.

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An IP camera that can be powered by AI.

What is Edge AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how businesses make sense of complex data. Edge AI is the next step in this revolution, bringing AI to the edge of the network, where data is collected. Edge AI enables businesses to make sense of data in real-time, without the need to send data to the cloud. This reduces latency, increases security, and reduces costs.

VAISense using AI to track consumer behavor.

What is VAISense?

VAISense by LatticeWork is a trusted single source for everything you need to launch your own edge AI solution. This includes the hardware to process data where it is gathered, the software to build these applications yourself or with our help, the cloud infrastructure to manage this hardware and deploy updates, and the support to make it happen. Read further to learn more.

Everything You Need

VAISense helps you leap ahead of your competition by providing the hardware, software, cloud infrastructure and support necessary to deploy AI at the edge, affordably and quickly.

An Amber Phoenix beneath an IP camera.


To deploy AI close to where data is gathered, raw computational power must be paired with energy efficiency, physical compactness, flexible I/O, and durability. VAISense by LatticeWork offers both off-the-shelf and custom hardware to meet these needs, and at competitive prices.

Woman at a computer with a VAISense login screen.


VAISense by LatticeWork offers tools for customers to build their own AI application and for our engineers to build applications for them if needed. We offer a secure, AI-optimized operating system designed to host and run Docker applications. VAISense software enhances the development, deployment, and maintenance experience remotely and at scale.

The VAISense AI Platform
A data center for cloud services.


While edge AI means processing data where it is gathered, cloud infrastructure is necessary to make deployment and maintenance feasible at scale. Fortunately VAISense by LatticeWork has this infrastructure in place to update software and deploy new applications from anywhere with ease.

A man at his computer talking on the phone.


Deploying an AI solution at the edge can be intimidating to organizations newly embracing these revolutionary capabilities. That's why we provide support every step of the way. From software development to systems integration, we'll help you succeed. Don't get left behind because it seems like too much to take on. We're here to help.

Some of the Possibilities

Edge AI powered by VAISense can solve a range of business problems. Here are just a few.


Avoid catastrophic loss due to construction site fires with the power of AI by VAISense.

Leverage edge AI by VAISense to monitor construction sites where internet connectivity is limited.

Protect your employees and ensure adherence to policies with AI-enabled safety monitoring powered by VAISense.


Understand healthcare facility utilization and better address fluctuating demand with occupancy monitoring powered by AI and VAISense.

Rapidly detect when patients need help after a fall through AI powered by VAISense.


Innovate how you server and charge customers by tracking food with the power of AI by VAISense.

Understand when your restaurants are the busiest and ensure adherence to safety codes with the assistance of AI by VAISense.

Gas Stations

Reduce fraud and enhance public safety with AI-powered VAISense license plate detection at gas stations.

Understand customer behaviors and optimize gas station traffic with AI-enabled monitoring powered by VAISense.


Dispatch emergency responders and alert drivers sooner with AI-enabled accident detection powered by VAISense.

Make roadways more efficient through AI-enabled traffic jam monitoring with VAISense.


Detect shoplifting and other illicit behaviors with the assistance of AI powered by VAISense.

Understand your customer behavior and ensure optimal store layouts with AI powered by VAISense.

Public Safety

Enhance physical security and reduce false alarms with AI-Enabled sensor monitoring powered by VAISense.

Utilize AI-enabled license plate recognition, even in areas where internet connectivity is limited, with the power of VAISense.

Identify and respond instantly to the threat of weapons utilizing AI powered by VAISense.

A customer support agent on the phone.

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