Enjoy your own private cloud.

Amber makes it easy for individuals, families, and professionals to break free of subscription services and host their own cloud from their home or office.

A family watching photos and videos on a television with an Amber X device in the foreground.

Discover Amber

Two Award-Winning Devices

Amber X

Amber X

Individuals, families, and professionals can instantly host their own personal cloud with Amber X. Gather, organize, and share your data on your own terms with complete control and privacy.

Amber X


Small businesses, freelancers, and other professionals can instantly host their own cloud at the office or at home. AmberPRO is the easiest way to keep your most valuable data safe, private, and accessible.


Your Data Where You Need It

A family accessing their data on a device at home.

Your Cloud at Home

Instead of your favorite media and memories being lost or forgotten on various devices and drives, an Amber device brings them together in one place and makes them easy to re-experience with family and friends. Amber devices are fast, backing up your mobile devices at the full speed of your home network and streaming them smoothly.

Two travelers accessing their private cloud over the internet.

Your Cloud on the Road

While your files are stored safely at home, you have access to them from practically anywhere. That means you can free up storage on your mobile device and securely share files with others too. Want to stream your media? With smart re-encoding, you can still enjoy videos even without the best network speeds.

A woman working on her computer with an Amber device in the foreground.

Your Cloud at Work

Photographers and creative professionals like Amber devices that give them cloud convenience without images being compressed. Other business professionals love file backup and sharing without subscriptions and without worrying about data caps. When they want to expand their storage can add their own external drive to make its contents available on their cloud as well.

Some of the Possibilities

Personal Cloud

Keep your old phone longer and spend less on new devices by automatically storing your photos remotely.

Say "goodbye" to Netflix and say "hello!" to your personal streaming service, hosted from your own home.

Host your own alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive with Nextcloud running on AmberPRO.

Your memories shouldn't disappear when your credit card expires. Host your own photo cloud for free.