A woman at her computer utilizing VAISense AI tools.


Protect your employees and ensure adherence to policies with AI-enabled safety monitoring powered by VAISense.

Leverage edge AI by VAISense to monitor construction sites where internet connectivity is limited.

Avoid catastrophic loss due to construction site fires with the power of AI by VAISense.

Gas Stations

Understand customer behaviors and optimize gas station traffic with AI-enabled monitoring powered by VAISense.

Reduce fraud and enhance public safety with AI-powered VAISense license plate detection at gas stations.


Rapidly detect when patients need help after a fall through AI powered by VAISense.

Understand healthcare facility utilization and better address fluctuating demand with occupancy monitoring powered by AI and VAISense.


Understand when your restaurants are the busiest and ensure adherence to safety codes with the assistance of AI by VAISense.

Innovate how you server and charge customers by tracking food with the power of AI by VAISense.

Personal Cloud

Say "goodbye" to Netflix and say "hello!" to your personal streaming service, hosted from your own home.

Your memories shouldn't disappear when your credit card expires. Host your own photo cloud for free.

Keep your old phone longer and spend less on new devices by automatically storing your photos remotely.

Host your own alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive with Nextcloud running on AmberPRO.

Public Safety

Enhance physical security and reduce false alarms with AI-Enabled sensor monitoring powered by VAISense.

Utilize AI-enabled license plate recognition, even in areas where internet connectivity is limited, with the power of VAISense.

Identify and respond instantly to the threat of weapons utilizing AI powered by VAISense.


Understand your customer behavior and ensure optimal store layouts with AI powered by VAISense.

Detect shoplifting and other illicit behaviors with the assistance of AI powered by VAISense.


Make roadways more efficient through AI-enabled traffic jam monitoring with VAISense.

Dispatch emergency responders and alert drivers sooner with AI-enabled accident detection powered by VAISense.