CES 2020 Recap & Highlights

CES logo sign

There’s only one place in the world where you can see a pizza-making robot, a futuristic laptop with a foldable display, and high-tech hearing aids that double as wireless earbuds...

These and thousands of other innovative gadgets were on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. From the latest and greatest in smartphones, robotics, smart home products, TVs, laptops, wearables, and more, CES 2020 had something for everyone.

We were impressed by so many amazing tech products unveiled at the show, we couldn’t possibly list them all! But here are a few that caught our eye in different product categories:

Next-Generation Screens

A lot of buzz this year surrounded the long-awaited zero bezel TV from Samsung. The Q950TS 8K QLED television is truly 99% screen!

(image credit: Samsung) The screen edge practically disappears into nothingness when viewed from a distance, and the TV is super slim, too, with a profile of just 15 millimeters. Mounted flush against the wall, the television takes up barely any space and looks gorgeous to boot.

CES 2020 also marked the debut of the world’s first foldable PC that delivers “laptop efficiency with smartphone portability.” The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold combines the benefits of a phone, laptop, tablet, and PC in one device – with an impressive foldable display that emulates a book.

(image credit: Lenovo)

(image credit: Lenovo)

It’s tough to say whether the design will appeal to the masses, especially at the current price point of $2500, but the futuristic look is pretty amazing nonetheless.

Smart Home Devices That Make Life Easier

The average consumer has no need for a robot that can make 300 pizzas per hour, but it was definitely a hit with hungry CES attendees!

The Juno Chiller, on the other hand, is a little more practical for the home user. Dubbed the “reverse microwave for cooling,” Juno uses thermoelectric cooling technology to quickly chill beverages in just a couple of minutes.

(Image credit: Juno)

(Image credit: Juno)

The device can chill a full-sized bottle of white wine to 50 degrees in three minutes, and a 12-ounce can of soda in just one minute. Talk about a great addition to a dinner party!

Then there’s the LG ThinQ washing machine powered by artificial intelligence. It’s so smart it can detect a mixed load of different fabric types, identify the volume and weight of the clothes, and then program the cycle with the ideal motion, temperature, and wash time. Plus, it will automatically dispense the exact amount of detergent and softener needed for each load – and will send notifications to your phone when each cycle is complete (haven’t we all forgotten a load in the machine at some point?).

(Image credit: LG) (Image credit: LG)

Doing laundry isn’t exactly exciting, but the LG smart washer makes the chore as painless as possible, and that’s a win in our book!

Personal Health & Wearables

We were impressed by the dual application of the Phonak Virto Black hearing aids. They’re medical-grade, high-performance hearing aids custom molded to the user’s ear canals – but from the outside, they look like modern wireless earbuds and function accordingly, as well.

(Image credit: Phonak) (Image credit: Phonak)

Not only do the hearing aids automatically adapt to the environment with sensors and algorithms to give you the best sound quality, but they can also stream music, make phone calls, and connect to smart TVs and other Bluetooth devices. The Virto Black hearing aids are truly a game-changer for those with hearing loss.

Another wearable that combines tech with personal health is the Withings ScanWatch, a hybrid smartwatch that looks like a traditional analog timepiece.

(Image credit: Withings) (Image credit: Withings)

What sets the ScanWatch apart? It can passively scan for heartbeat irregularities with its embedded PPG sensor – and if it senses any, it can take an ECG heart reading on command to check for arrhythmias. The smartwatch also tracks oxygen saturation levels and can identify when they’re inadequate, potentially detecting issues like sleep apnea. That’s on top of all its other fitness tracking abilities! We’re sold.

The Latest in Digital Storage

Imagine having a 1TB solid state drive (SSD) roughly the size of a business card that includes a fingerprint sensor, password protection, and multi-user support. The Samsung SSD T7 Touch offers these features and more – it’s a small external drive that packs a big punch!

(Image credit: Samsung) (Image credit: Samsung)

While we do love the sleek design and easy portability of the SSD T7 Touch, we can’t help tooting our own horn here a little. If you’re looking for more options to store your precious digital memories over the long term, then our own flagship product, Amber, may be just what you need...

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Closing Thoughts

The Consumer Electronics Show always inspires us with the latest gadgets in the world of consumer tech. It makes us want to do more, innovate more, and constantly improve!

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