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“Storage full”

notice is so 2000 and late. Why, then, is having space on our devices such a pain?

In 2020, 90% of all our photos (and video) will be taken on a Smartphone. Keeping enough free space on your smartphone can be a major frustration. Right!? What do you delete? Is it backed up on an external hard drive? Is it on the Cloud? Voices in our head say they are, but we often aren't really sure. Between our favorite apps, thousands of text messages, music - and taking 4K video - storage quickly becomes a precious commodity. At some point though we must go through the arduous, and time consuming, task of transferring and backing up this data. Don’t even mention the hassle of setting up a new phone.

Are you really going to trust an App for that?

It’s tempting to download a free app and start transferring your photos, believe us - we know. But what happens when you forget to pay for the “upgrade” or when the app decides to delete your photos? Then what? Take, for example, when Yahoo sold Flickr to SmugMug (bear with us here). In 2019, SmugMug-owned Flickr decided they really didn't want to keep user photos on there for free anymore - so they deleted them. Simple as that, memories gone. So be wary of what “free” means, because oftentimes you really do get what you pay for. Don’t forget when GooglePlus shut down either, creating a nightmare for some customers.

Toss ‘em in the Cloud?

Well. . .that might work. Let’s take a look at Dropbox. Yes, you can store photos and upload them automatically from your Smartphone, but it still uses your device’s local storage. That’s because it’s primary use case is as a sync service not a pure backup service. You can use Drobox’s smart sync but for anything beyond 2GB (roughly 900 photos, with no video, from an iPhone X) you will have to pay $11.99 a month for a subscription. So what is the point? You're supposed to be freeing up space, not creating more headaches around subscriptions. The same problem goes for Google Photos and iCloud. Are you really willing to risk:

  • Downgrading the quality of your photos for “free” storage? (Google Photos)
  • Privacy of your Data and who has access? (Google Photos)
  • Limiting yourself to a single device or OS? (iCloud)

Meet Amber X

We get it. Storage devices are a dime a dozen. But Amber X let’s you do more than just store. It is a Smart Device powered by a Privacy First, Personal Cloud. Allowing you to automagically backup your entire camera roll, with zero effort, freeing up precious megapixels for the perfect shot. All your content is backed up on the Amber X device itself and accessible anywhere through our AmberCloud service, making sharing on the go - easy as pie. You can even invite others to your Amber device, making for a collaborative space to share memories.

  • Free up space from your Smartphone or any Smart Device (tablet / laptop / PC)
  • Automatically backup your entire Camera Roll at the tap of a button - in full resolution
  • Easily access, share and organize all your content - even if it has been removed from your Smartphone.

We’ve made it dead simple to ditch the headaches and free up your Smartphone for memories that matter. The best part? There are no required subscriptions. Amber X will be shipping this Fall. Learn more about Amber X here.


Store safe

A mother, father, and child viewing photos hosted on an Amber device.

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