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Where do you keep your data? If you’re like most people, you probably store it in a variety of places. Maybe you have a Google Photos account to save your favorite vacation images (or selfies--no judgment!). You probably have some docs saved to DropBox or OneDrive. Oh, and you might have an external hard drive or two filed with some of your most important memories. That’s not even counting the content on that stack of old iPhones you have in your desk or all the random work, school, and personal files you have floating around on your laptop right now. Remember when we used to keep everything on flash drives? Chances are you have a few of those hanging around too. Storage solutions are slowly starting to catch up with the way we live our lives today. But contrary to popular belief, they’re not all cut from the same cloth. With privacy a bigger concern than ever before, it’s worth it to make sure your data stays secure.

Convenience vs. Security: Don’t Give Up One for Another

With the variety of places you probably keep your data, some of those files may not matter that much-but we bet there’s a whole host of them that are pretty important to you. And they’re probably the only copies you have. We just don’t keep photo albums and filing cabinets full of papers like we used to. So, you definitely need a storage solution that’s readily accessible. But here’s the real question: who owns your data? If you’re using a third-party storage solution, it’s not you. You’re essentially subscribing to your own memories with their subscription plans. And if you select the “free storage” option, you’ll have to deal with resolution downgrades and a capped limit that’s pretty easily met with the number of photos and videos we take these days. Privacy is another concern. Sure, your photos, docs, and videos aren’t usually available to others unless you share them (or provide access to your account). However, it’s easy to lose access to your account and fumble sharing settings. Unfortunately, tech giants make mistakes too. That’s how private Google Photos got in the hands of strangers last November. DropBox isn’t immune to controversy either; it’s been pretty harshly criticized by legal and tech experts for its security breaches over the years.

Put Privacy First with Your Own True Personal Cloud

Up until recently, it’s been pretty difficult to hit that sweet spot of accessibility and security. Convenience has beat security time and time again when it comes to storage solutions. Things are thankfully changing; you no longer have to compromise one for the other. What if you could access your data from anywhere on the go and keep it safe? What if you could and take back ownership of your content? Striking the right balance starts with being aware of vulnerabilities behind default options and choosing solutions purpose-built to give you maximum control. The key is to use a solution that was engineered for security and privacy. Amber X is that solution. The Privacy First Personal Cloud doesn’t require tons of information from you. Our embedded security features only need limited information to identify who you are. Why does that matter? It means you’ll reduce the amount of publicly identifiable information you need to share. We know how important your data and privacy are to you. Amber X gives you total control of any data you keep on the device (or in AmberCloud). We don’t keep any extra copies of data in locations you don’t know about.

What makes Amber X more secure than legacy cloud and storage solutions?

First, there’s AmberCloud. AmberCloud is our own distributed cloud service infrastructure that supports a decentralized personal service. So if hackers try to attack AmberCloud, they won’t know who or what to go after. A concentrated cloud storage service is much more vulnerable with numerous accounts ripe for access. If you’re wondering how your data stays secure when transferred, we’ve got that covered too. Unlike other storage solutions, we don’t use third-party public clouds to make it happen. The technology behind Amber X truly differentiates it from legacy storage solutions. Powered by our own distributed cloud service infrastructure, AmberCloud gives users a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) connection. As a backup option, we also offer a relay service through a secure tunnel for the transfer of data. With P2P, the data is shared directly between the two devices and does not require data to route through a central server. Traditional legacy devices that tout the claims “Like a Personal Cloud” or “Personal Cloud” can be cumbersome to set up and may require some technical savvy to enable secure connections, which many consumers inadvertently overlook and you may accidentally expose a lot more information than you really want to. Is that a risk worth taking? Amber X is a plug-and-play solution that utilizes a secure peer-to-peer (P2P) relay service with built-in authentication to ensure your data stays secure when shared and never goes through a third-party cloud service. This is why we call Amber X the first true Privacy First Personal Cloud. Amber X fully encrypts the transfer of data between devices. We also give users the ability to encrypt data at rest for the ultimate in data protection. Now, you are in full control of your data. You no longer need to sacrifice your privacy with third-party cloud storage solutions. Person typing on a laptop keyboard What about convenience? We have you covered there, too. We designed Amber to give you all the convenience of the cloud, with embedded privacy and security features, that you can’t get from traditional hardware or “personal cloud” appliances. First, we made it super simple to automatically backup and organize your entire camera roll from your Smartphone, where most of our modern day memories are kept. Tablets and PC’s? Check! Don’t worry about those screenshots with passwords either, only you can access what is backed up on Amber X. Have an External Hard Drive lying around? Simply plug it into Amber X and make your content cloud accessible from anywhere with your Personal Cloud. Need to transfer photos from old SD-cards? Plug it into the built-it SD card slot and sync those photos and videos onto Amber X’s 500GB SSD. Amber X is your modern day data vault, that lets you securely backup and access confidential content, with no prying eyes, or share memories with loved ones - on YOUR terms, from any smart device. Amber keeps you connected with the content you love. The best part you can access and share from anywhere, that’s what makes Amber X thee Most Secure Personal Cloud ever. Take back control of your data with Amber X, launching fall of 2020. For early VIP access or an opportunity to become a Beta Tester, join our community of thousands of enthusiasts who want to bring their data home by signing up for our newsletter (no spam, we promise)! Store Safe

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