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Traditional solutions like music and video streaming services may seem convenient, but they rarely offer you the ownership of the content. To break free from these limitations, innovative solutions like Plex and Amber X have emerged, offering an alternative to maintain local collections of music, photos, and videos. This article will take a deep dive into these solutions, highlighting their features, benefits, and how you can set up your own personal media server.

Plex is a media management software that allows you to construct an always-accessible media server, offering playback apps on various platforms. Amber, the privacy-first smart personal cloud that stores your data locally and lets you access it from anywhere, is the perfect Plex server to host on! AmberPRO lets you easily add Plex through Docker, and Amber X has a quick setup available.

Plex functions as a two-part platform: the media server software (Plex Media Server) and the playback application (Plex). The benefit of this setup is that you only need to worry about maintaining your file collection on your server. Your media library follows you to every device with the Plex app.

Once you set up your personal media server, you can access and manage your content from anywhere. Both Plex and Amber X offer intuitive apps that allow you to stream your media on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers.

Once installed, say goodbye to streaming subscriptions on Hulu, HBO, Netflix, and other streaming sites. Plex offers you easy access to tons of media that you’ll love, movies and TV alike. And you can play your entire private media library from your own Plex server.

Plex offers premium features like automatic lyrics, support for live TV via an antenna and tuner, offline mobile syncing, multiuser support, and early access to new Plex features for Plex Pass subscribers. It also offers an on-demand library of content and a collection of pre-programmed live TV channels.

Both Plex and Amber X offer robust solutions for managing, streaming, and securing your digital content. They empower you with control over your media, offering an alternative to traditional streaming services that do not offer ownership of the content. Whether you prioritize extensive media support and streaming capabilities or data privacy and localized storage, Plex and Amber X have got you covered.

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