VAISense Security

Serious Security. Surprising Simplicity.

VAISense by LatticeWork offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your security
system with the vigilance, reliability, and insights of Edge AI, whether you're upgrading
an existing setup or implementing a new one. Our Security Package includes:

  • Identify Risks Sooner: Monitor dozens of cameras and sensors simultaneously without the risks of distraction or fatigue. Receive accurate and prompt notifications, along with remote access to local recordings, enabling swift assessment and intervention as needed.
  • Utilize Security Staff Better: Enhance your existing security staff's situational awareness, providing them with meaningful insights, and leveraging their expertise rather than just their time.
  • Save Time and Money: Early interventions, fewer false alarms, and more efficient staff utilization all contribute to cost savings. VAISense solutions can often be integrated with existing camera setups, saving on hardware and installation cost as well.
  • Own Your Data: In contrast to cloud AI solutions with questionable privacy practices or which may be subject to hostile foreign governments, our Edge AI solution keeps you in full control of your data, including what is collected and who has access to it.

People Detection and Tracking

Gunshot Detection

Intrusion Detection

Vehicle Type and Color Detection

Weapon Detection

NVR/VMS Capabilities

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