Cloud Storage: What You Need to Know

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Cloud storage is a great way to store your digital files for easy access. But what is “Personal Cloud Storage” and how does it differ from other storage options? Is it secure? How do you know whether public cloud, personal cloud, or personal hybrid cloud storage is right for you?

For the answers to these burning questions and more, read on!

Introduction to Cloud Storage

You’re probably already familiar with public cloud storage options like Google Photos and Dropbox. These services give you access to physical storage through a large pool of servers, so from the consumer side, it appears as though your data is floating in the “cloud,” available for online access anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you don’t have to rely on hard drives that can be damaged, destroyed, lost, or even worse - stolen.

Third-party public cloud services are convenient and easy to use: all you have to do is upload your files and save them on the public cloud – but if you need more storage space, you’ll have to pay monthly fees… not to mention take the risk of allowing mega-corporations to control (and possibly gain ownership of) your personal digital data.

When it comes to security, it’s widely accepted by tech professionals that fully secure systems don’t exist. Every cloud provider is different, and often there’s no way to know how secure a system is - until it is compromised. As just one example, Dropbox suffered a major breach of 68 million users’ email addresses and passwords in 2012, with repercussions continuing for years afterward.

However, another option is personal cloud storage, which is a more secure method of storing your digital files. It emulates public cloud storage but gives you full control over the hardware and software you’re using and avoids compromising your security to third parties.

If you’re tech-savvy, you may be able to figure out how to roll your own personal cloud – but a much simpler option is to take advantage of a ready-made solution like our own award-winning product Amber.

That brings us to personal hybrid-cloud storage. Combining both local storage and the cloud for backup, sharing, and remote access, personal hybrid cloud storage is the Best of Both Worlds! For all the details and technical information, check out our previous post titled “What is a Personal Hybrid Cloud.”

The Amber “Personal Hybrid Cloud”

As the world’s first All-in-One AI-Powered Smart Storage Platform using Personal Hybrid Cloud technology, Amber gives you complete ownership and control over your most valuable digital data. You can enjoy the convenience of the cloud in the privacy of your own home – and there’s never a question of who is in possession of your data or who owns it.

Amber is essentially your own mini datacenter and multimedia server that offers the privacy and security of local storage with the convenience of the cloud for sharing and streaming anytime. With multiple data storage capacity options – supported up to 2 X 2TB HDDs – you can now bring your data home and consolidate your photos and videos in one place.


In the interest of security, Amber offers storage encryption at rest as well as secure data transfer (TLS/SSL). Primary data and access control reside on the Amber device with secondary protection provided in the LatticeNest cloud. (LatticeNest offers User Identity Management and Data Routing Verification to create one of the most secure cloud environments available for consumers and small businesses.)

When you store your data in Amber, your data is yours and yours alone. As a complete storage platform powered by the Personal Hybrid Cloud system, Amber is more powerful than a NAS (Network Attached Storage device) that uses hard drives across a network and relies on potentially insecure third-party public clouds. Amber is “cloud attached storage” and never relies on or allows 3rd party public clouds to touch your data.

As a bonus, Amber offers a built-in router for blazing-fast WiFi – plus buffer-free streaming, auto camera roll backup, TV casting, multi-user support, AI-powered facial indexing, and seamless file sharing…even allowing users who don’t have Amber to have up to 2GB of free cloud storage so they can share or exchange digital files with you!

If you’re a privacy-conscious consumer seeking a smarter and more secure way to protect, connect and share your digital life, Amber’s Personal Hybrid Cloud is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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Enjoy Your Own Private Cloud

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