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Introducing the VAISense AI Platform

Whether you're a solution provider, software developer, partner, AI model trainer, or creating your own Edge AI solution, the VAISense platform is easy to use and integrate for a smooth Edge experience. We support computer vision, IoT devices, and other advanced AI technologies, ensuring your software development process is efficient and effective. With VAISense, you have a reliable tech ally providing innovative solutions in the tech industry.

Easily Deploy and Access Your Apps

At its core, you can add your Docker-enabled software directly onto one of our Edge servers running our Amber OS. This allows your app to be hosted easily and accessed via a custom URL. Additionally, a separate Support URL can be used to update system versions, settings, and administrative functions, keeping support tasks separate from the data on the device.

Currently, Docker Apps need to be installed on each machine individually. Soon, developers will be able to host their apps on the VAISense App Store, making it easy for customers to download software at set prices, even as a SaaS model.

Extend and Expand Native Functionality

If you're developing AI extensions, these can also be loaded onto our servers to enhance any Amber-OS compatible software, expanding their features.

For advanced functionality, AmberOS offers an API to connect your proprietary software. Our API speeds up the software development life cycle by making it easier to integrate services and components into your application. If you need to access data and functions from our applications to create new capabilities or avoid duplication, our API is the perfect tool for your product.

How it Works

VAISense Apps

Solve many common problems with powerful AI applications that are ready to deploy instantly.

Custom Apps & Extensions

Extend the AI functionality of VAISense and host your own custom Docker apps as needed.

Docker Apps
AI Extensions

Amber OS

Enjoy the benefits of an AI-optimized operating system that provides powerful local and remote management functionality.

VAISense Core
AI Inference Engine
Secure Remote Access
Dynamic DNS
User/Role Management
File/Storage Services
Share Access Control
Docker Management
Optimized Kernel and Drivers

Custom & VAISense Hardware

Match your AI needs with the right hardware for the job. Choose from a variety of VAISense devices or customize your own.

NVIDIA GPU / DeGirum AI Accelerator
Local/Network Storage

Ready to give it a try?

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