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VAISense: Revolutionizing Crime Detection with AI-Powered Video Analytics

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AI-enabled security solutions are reshaping the way businesses tackle illicit activities like theft and shoplifting. One such pioneer in this domain is VAISense, a platform that harnesses the power of video analytics and intelligent sensing to provide businesses with advanced detection capabilities.

The Rising Challenge of Retail Crime

In the last fiscal year alone, the retail industry reportedly lost a staggering $112 billion to retail crime, according to a report by the National Retail Federation. Such thefts are not only detrimental to a business's bottom line but also pose significant safety risks to employees. Shoplifting, in particular, remains an ongoing challenge for businesses globally.

Harnessing AI for Shoplifting Detection

VAISense aims to address these challenges with its cutting-edge AI-powered video analytics platform. It offers a proactive approach to loss prevention, employee safety, legal compliance, and deterrence of potential offenders. Trials of this technology has reduced shoplifting losses by 77 percent, and the models are becoming even more advanced.

Designed to work with existing surveillance cameras, VAISense's intelligent sensing technology can detect suspicious activities in real time. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns associated with theft or shoplifting, allowing for swift intervention to prevent losses.

How VAISense Works

VAISense's AI model is trained on a dataset of video footage with labeled instances of theft or shoplifting. The model is then used to analyze live video footage from surveillance cameras in real time. If it detects suspicious behavior, the system can alert security personnel or trigger an alarm.

The platform uses a combination of techniques, including object detection, tracking, and activity recognition, leading to a more robust and accurate system. Furthermore, the model doesn't discriminate against any race, gender, or protected class, focusing solely on suspicious actions rather than personal characteristics.

Key Features of VAISense

  • AI-powered video analytics for real-time detection of illicit activities.
  • Efficient loss prevention through proactive detection and intervention.
  • Enhanced employee safety by identifying potential threats.
  • Compliance with legal requirements for security measures.
  • Deterrence of potential offenders through active surveillance.
  • Versatile applications across various industries and use cases.

Edge AI Made Easy

VAISense provides you everything you need to capitalize on these benefits, even without a lot of experience with AI and machine learning. We can provide the hardware to process AI on location, bespoke software to meet your unique needs, the cloud infrastructure to manage and deploy that software, and the support to build, deploy, and maintain it. Contact us to learn more.

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