Free Up Space on Your Mobile Phone

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Have you ever been in a situation where you've had to delete precious memories or important files from your mobile device due to lack of storage space? Or perhaps you've had to pay a monthly subscription for a third-party storage network that doesn't prioritize your data privacy. Amber X is here to revolutionize how you store and access your data. This Privacy-First Smart Personal Cloud offers a secure hub for all your photos, videos, and files, without the need for monthly storage subscriptions.

With Amber X, gone are the days when your favorite media and memories get lost or forgotten on various devices and drives. This intelligent device brings all your content together in one place, making it easy to revisit your memories with family and friends. What's more, Amber X is fast, backing up your mobile devices at the full speed of your home network, and smoothly streaming your content.

While your files are stored securely at home, you can access them from practically anywhere with Amber X. This means you can free up storage on your mobile device and securely share files with others too. Want to stream your media? No worries. With smart re-encoding, you can still enjoy your videos even without the best network speeds.

For photographers and creative professionals, Amber X is a godsend. It offers the convenience of the cloud without compressing your images. You can also upload files directly via the SD card reader. Other business professionals love the file backup and sharing features without subscriptions and data caps. Want more space on your Amber? Simply add any hard drive to the USB port on the back and Amber will automatically add that free space to its system! We have customers who have added 12 TB RAID-enabled hard drives to their Amber X and it works marvelously.

Even better, Amber can organize using built-in AI. It will remove duplicates and optionally sort by face and object recognition!

Want another added bonus? When you buy your next phone upgrade, opt for a lower capacity model. Amber will backup and store your photos, eliminating the need for a large-capacity phone. You’ll easily save over $300 on choosing a lower model- that’s like getting an Amber X for free!

Save space on your phone, keep your data organized, and keep your data safe. Amber will save you money and hassle right at the get go!

  • Automatic Camera Roll Backup
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS
  • Desktop File Backup and Sharing
  • Time Machine Backups for Apple Users
  • Access Anywhere, Share Anytime
  • Media Streaming without Local Storage
  • Direct SD Card Uploads
  • Organize and Remove Duplicates with AI
  • Expand Storage with External Drives
A mother, father, and child viewing photos hosted on an Amber device.

Enjoy Your Own Private Cloud

Escape the subscriptions and privacy concerns of commercial clouds. Host your own with Amber and take back your freedom.

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